Understanding & Processing

If you’re struggling to deal with a bad trip, one of the best things you can do is to delve deeply into trying to understand why it happened. There are so many influences that can cause a scary or difficult trip, but once you start to identify what you think caused your difficult trip, you’ll be well on your way to healing. I truly believe that if you understand a bad trip, you’ll have the power needed to overcome lasting repercussions like anxiety and uneasiness. This page offers easy access to a lot of topics that can help you better understand a bad trip.

The Basics of Difficult Trips

A Guide for Understanding Your Experience

Understanding Specific Types of Experiences

Need someone to talk to?

If you’re feeing scared, overwhelmed, or just need someone to talk to about having anxiety after a bad trip, I’m talk. Just send a message to my email, acosmichaven@gmail.com, with the details of what you’re going through. Make sure to include what psychedelic you took, the dosage, and how long ago your bad trip was. 

I’ve been in your shoes, and (now that I’ve gotten through it) I feel better than ever. I know you will too.